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Bulk SMS Messaging Campaign on our platform

E-Zen i-Marketing & Research can help you to reach out to current and potential customers with mobile iMarketing, including SMS mobile marketing and proximity mobile marketing  to showcase your events, products or services using a double opt-in form provided by our mobile advertising services.

The future of Internet marketing or iMarketing includes the use of advanced business strategies using interactive digital technologies, proximity marketing including wifi proximity marketing and sms mobile marketing. We hold advanced degrees in business, technology, and doctoral courses in information systems and technology. With these combined backgrounds. we are able to remain on the cutting-edge of interactive technologies to offer small-medium business owners an integrative and cost-effective means to boost profits through mobile advertising services, including mobile ads and SMS mobile marketing campaigns and proximity marketing including wifi proximity marketing that hones in on specific demographics and personal profiles, in addition to social networking  strategies such as Facebook, blogging, tweets, audio podcasts, video advertisements, and more, to interact with prospects and customers.

We’ve hand-picked a high-quality team of creatives with the diverse skills needed to design any type of interactive websites to interact with your customers to grow your business.  No design is too big or too small.

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The risk of not having an optimized website is that your customers and prospects may do business with your competition instead of you! Consumers are going mobile, so if you do not provide your customers with an optimized mobile website presence, you may be unable to provide your customers with website advertising for your products using wifi proximity marketing and sms mobile marketing, thus losing their business. Make sure your mobile website is optimized for a good user experience so prospects and customers continue to engage with your business instead of disengaging for a better user experience with your competition. We can help improve your mobile presence to have a good experience interacting with your customers from the customers' point of view.


An optimized mobile website provides good SEO in the search engines that can result in free traffic flowing to your mobile website beginning with an SEO optimized website, then advertising your products using proximity marketing including wifi proximity marketing, and sms mobile marketing. Free traffic could result in prospects becoming customers. Let us help you get to an optimized mobile website. Other optimized mobile website benefits include:

• Helps enhance your ranking on mobile search engines

• You get listed in more local directories

• Makes it simple for prospects and customers to easily find the information they are seeking

• You begin to establish yourself in the mobile sphere

• Builds Brand Identity

• Makes doing business with you much easier for your customers

• Faster page loads – mobile websites should load in 3 seconds

• Buttons that are large enough to finger

• Useful content 

E-zen I-marketing & Research online marketing, including proximity MARKETING and SMS marketing SERVICES

E-zen I-marketing & Research OFFERS PROXIMITY marketing, including sms mobile marketing and WIFI PROXIMITY marketing SERVICES